Transparency, efficiency and trust

Ecosystems and value networks need technology and governance to operate with transparency, efficiency and trust. The convergence of emerging technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence and blockchain will increasingly provide opportunities for enhanced automation and innovation.

We help companies, organizations and governments to develop and implement the necessary capabilities for harnessing the potential of ecosystem-driven innovation.
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Solving wicked problems

Presentations & Training

Emerging technologies and blockchain are complex but fascinating topics. Our clients appreciate us for the straight forward and understandable way we make sense of complex topics for professional and general audiences. It's really important to have a common language and a shared understanding before spending time on envisioning opportunities and making plans.

Business Design

Every now and then a new technology arises that will over time make a really big impact on the way things are done. Like the smartphone, or the internet. Blockchain will by most estimates be such a technology. We've spent time and effort on honing the tools and methods that we use so that when we work together with you, the resulting business ideas will be concrete and impactful.

Execution Support

Finding the right people and talent is really important for any project. But in reality the right talent can be hard to find. If it's helpful for your needs, we are happy to provide people from our network to work as part of your team on an interim, part-time basis. Some examples of the roles we can provide are: Change Champions, Transformation Agents, Product Owners and Chief Digital Officers. Simply, smart people with the right skills, on an as-a-service & as-needed basis.

Solution & Consortium Design

Digital and blockchain projects require much more than just technology. Identifying the best way to get the ecosystem to work together, creating the necessary governance and legal structures, and setting up co-operatives, consortiums or joint ventures is easire when you're not doing it for the first time. Often a neutral third party (that's us) can also be useful in bringing together the ecosystem.

About us

Bering & Company is a Helsinki-based consultancy started by people who want to build a place where smart people get to work with other smart people (clients, partners, colleagues) to do meaningful things. We're good at making sense of new technologies and how they can be used for building better business. The relevant buzzwords are digital transformation, and emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT.

Mikko Eerola

CEO and co-founder. Co-author of Blockchain: Roadmap for Executives. Has worked since 1996 with everything digital. Has worked as a leader in fast-growing, world-dominating scaleups and in larger corporations that aspire to transform but sometimes find it hard. Likes to work on new, meaningful projects.
+358 40 5899 776

Juha Viitala

Head of Ecosystems and co-founder. Co-author of Blockchain: Roadmap for Executives. Has worked since 1996 with the internet and new technologies. Digital business, startups, blockchain, you name it. Hands-on project experience from designing, building and governing a blockchain consortium.
+358 40 755 0666